We Care

At Simply Jet, every touchpoint embodies a profound commitment to true hospitality.
From your initial inquiry to the moment you reach your final destination, we ensure that every interaction is marked by genuine care and dedication.
With our roots firmly planted in the ethos of the world's premier hospitality management school, we have infused that unwavering dedication to exceptional service into the very DNA of Simply Jet.
When you entrust us with your travel needs, you're not only partnering with aviation experts but also with maestros of hospitality.

We Smile

Coordinating private jet flights around the clock is demanding.
As private aviation advisors, you deal daily with unpredictable work hours, intense pressure to meet client-specific needs, tight schedules and constant interactions with all flight-related parties.
To address those demanding conditions, Simply Jet is proud to cultivate a unique team spirit in a modern,
flexible work environment.
Our advisors are always available when you need them with the right energy to deliver your bespoke solutions.
Our smile is certainly one of the key factors to our client satisfaction.

We Get It Done

In the world of aviation, reliability isn't just an asset—it's a necessity.
Rooted in Switzerland, Simply Jet proudly embodies the nation's time-honoured values of punctuality, dependability, and unparalleled excellence.
Our company-wide problem-solving mindset ensures that every challenge is met head-on,
with solutions crafted to perfection.
When you choose Simply Jet, you’re choosing the assurance of exceptional execution every time.